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Creator of emotions

History of glasses

Each of our products evokes an authentic story inspired by traditions, travel,
or French terroirs. Our glasses generate emotions that come to life every day through
unique collections. Our creations, like reflections of time and our roots,
content these suspended moments that we like to remember.
The glass then becomes a living object, a conveyor of stories that are lived, shared and reinvented every day.

Creator of emotions

Robust and unique glasses

Since 1475, our master glassmakers have been creating authentic products for everyday life and for tasting, appreciated throughout the world. Pressed glass and mouth-blown crystalline glass are part of the main know-how acquired over the generations, allowing us to offer different types of glass. The specificity of our manufacturing process, inherited from artisanal gestures, gives our everyday glasses a singular and robust character, which is also due to the design.

Creator of emotions

The designers

La Rochère regularly collaborates with designers to ensure a new vision and modernity to our collections. We indeed have the desire to integrate today's views and reflections, to create timelessly contemporary objects. These external points of view also always lead us to rethink our techniques, to go further into the 'innovation. Each La Rochère creation is thus the fruit of an artistic gesture, of an impulse. This is why each of our objects carries and conveys a story, and lends itself to being part of yours.

Creator of emotions

The decorations

The perfect mastery of our tools and manufacturing processes allows us to work on studied patterns, within the limits of technical constraints. We are thus able to give pride of place to full creativity, in mechanical pressed glass, as in hand glassware. In a permanent aesthetic research, La Rochère uses all its know-how to color the glass, according to the expected result.