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Our values

A deep respect for our territory

La Rochère is a company that is committed. Surrounded by the flamboyant forests of Haute Saône, sources of inspiration,
we wish, through our products, to transmit lasting stories and values, through lasting action.
For more than 500 years anchored in this privileged environment that it respects, from which it has drawn its resources for centuries,
glassworks participate today in the life of the region, thanks to the men and women who work glass with passion,
sometimes for several generations.

Our values

Living heritage company

La Rochère has been labeled EPV since 2014. “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) is a state recognition mark which distinguishes French companies for their industrial and artisanal know-how of excellence. Since its creation in 2005, the association of EPV-labeled companies has brought together companies with a unique heritage, which work to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future, local and international.

Our values

Guaranteed French origin

In Passavant-la-Rochère, more than 90% of production is 100% French. More than 90% of the raw materials used are also sourced in France. The sand, which constitutes 60% of the composition, comes from Fontainebleau. It therefore seemed right and necessary to us to defend our know-how and our products (recognized throughout the world) with the one and only label officially attesting to the French origin of our products.

Our values

Limited environmental impact

La Rochère researches and implements all possible improvements to limit its environmental impact. For example, we recover the calories from our oven to heat our premises. We are committed to manufacturing 100% recyclable items in France (excluding ceramics, architectural glass panels and bamboo). Thanks to the electrical energy of our ovens, we have significantly decarbonized glass melting. 100% of our glass waste is recycled. Other waste is sorted and handed over to recycling channels for more than 70%. Our teams are involved in a daily approach to improving our energy performance.

Our values

Regulatory and solid societal actions

In order to deepen its commitment, La Rochère joined the Progrès Environnement Entreprises (P2E) association in 2006. This local association of businesses allows each member to benefit from advice and strategy regarding the industrial environment, thanks to the intervention of an environmental engineer.

Professional equality between women and men:
Index 2022: 76 points/100
Pay gap: 40/40
Difference in rate of increase: 25/35
Number of women among the 10 highest earners: 0/10

Progress goals:

  • Ensure fairness of individual increases between women
    and men.
  • Empowering women, helping them improve their skills
    and gradually increase their remuneration.

Our values

Partner Company

Founded in 1920, the Jean Dubost house has perpetuated the family tradition and the love of knives for 4 generations. With Alexandre Dubost, representing the 4th generation, this cutlery tradition is revisited with a touch of modernity. Deeply anchored in its territory, it is in Viscomtat, a small mountain village, near Thiers, the capital of French cutlery, that the company manufactures quality kitchen knives and table cutlery. Assembling, shaping, polishing, sharpening... For more than a century, the same actions have been repeated in a precise, delicate manner to bring all the quality to excellent products.

The elegance of a table, the finesse of the detail, the precision of the edge constitute a century-old know-how of excellence, a clever blend of tradition, innovation and transmission for 4 generations. Jean Dubost is also a committed, supportive and responsible company, this know-how has been labeled “Engaged CSR** confirmed level” by AFNOR since 2021. Know-how and know-how recognized in France and internationally.

Jean Dubost has been involved in sustainable development issues for many years by adjusting his production tools, choosing his raw materials (PEFC certified wood, plant bio-materials, materials from the circular economy, etc.) or even by designing more environmentally friendly packaging. Our inspiration takes its source from everyday life, lifestyles and our travel diaries… It infuses Jean Dubost, a French manufacturer of kitchen knives and table cutlery , with a mind that is constantly alert, resolutely turned towards the future and ready to take on new challenges.