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Our know-how

Ancient and precious know-how, since 1475

La Rochère is committed to preserving its know-how.
While giving pride of place to innovation

Our know-how

We don't work with glass, we dance with it

Our glassware has managed to preserve its traditional character and its historical values. In short, its memory, everything that makes up its DNA. Although glasswork has indeed been considerably modernized and mechanized, we have not forgotten our roots. La Rochère strives to create balanced assemblages, between innovative engineering and artistic sensitivity. We also strive to promote the traditional know-how of the glassmaking profession by welcoming more than 70,000 visitors per year to our workshop. We are pleased to share with you our core business, the passion that drives us.

Our know-how

Pressed glass

By diversifying its activity, La Rochère has become a specialist in pressed glass, developing efficient mechanical production tools. Focused on innovation and engineering, the company reinvents itself over time to always keep up with the times. The specificity of our manufacturing process, inherited from artisanal gestures, gives our everyday glasses a singular and robust character, which is also due to the design. Drawing on its technical strengths and its unique manufacturing flexibility, La Rochère also creates tailor-made creations for prestigious brands. To visit La Rochère, go to Visiterlarochere.com

Our know-how

The mouth-blown lens

Inherited from more than 5 centuries of passion, work of know-how and patience, Glassmaking is a demanding art. The profession therefore requires around 10 years of training before obtaining perfect mastery of tools and materials. These traditional skills are precious and offer remarkable results. They express themselves today through creations in areas as diverse as tableware, lighting, decorative objects, or custom-made objects. La Rochère is proud to preserve this rare historic artisanal activity and to introduce you to our professions during a visit to our site.